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This Tutorial was my own idea

Please don't say it is yours


You need for this Tutorial:

Paint Shop Pro 9


In the Zip you find two files for different sizes which i have made for simply work (1024x768, 1280x1024)


Have you all? Let's start


1. Open the file what you need in Psp

search a Tube and a goldpreset of your choice

Open it in Psp



this is the file, i have made for easier work

In the Layer Palette you find a "Gitter" and a "Hintergrund" Layer


Duplicate the file and close the Original


2. The "Gitter" Layer is activ

Select the lines with your Magic Tool setting likes screen



so must look it after click with the Magic Tool



Fill the Selection with a Gold or Silverpattern

Selections > Deselect


3. Activate the Layer "Hintergrund" in the Layer Palette

Select with the Eyedropper Tool a

light Topcolor and a darker Backgroundcolor

from your Tube


Make a Gradient with this settings

(in the screen you see other Colors, i have make a new Example for this Tut!!!)



Fill the Layer "Hintergrund" with the Gradient


5. Let's make some Effects on this Layer


Effects > Distortion Effects > Ripple



6. Effects > Reflections Effects > Kaleidoscope



7. Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur

set it to 2,50


Your Background ist done


8. Activate "Gitter" in the Layer Palette

Effects > 3D-Effects > Drop Shadow



9. Copy your Tube and paste it as new Layer in your Letter Background

Resize it

I have make a Dropshadow likes this



Ok, your Stationary is done


Don't forget the Copymark from the Artist and your Watermark

Save it as .jpg


I hope you have enjoy this Tutorial


If you have Questions, Mail me to



 * I like to see your work *

Send your work to me and i will post it here

it must have a Copymark from the Artist!!!

otherwise i can't post it

* sorry for this *


This Tutorial was translate by Maggie

She have closed her Page


& Design by Angela 2006