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Poser Render by Laguna Azul ~ http://poser.laguna-azul.at


This tutorial is based on an idea of my
internet friend Melanie.

Any similarities to any other tutorials
are purely coincidental.
No copright infringement is intended.

Paint Shop Pro
Filter Factory Gallery G > Xaggerate

VM Filter

Filters Unlimited

Download the supplies

 >> HERE <<
Included in the zip:
The Mask "B_CircleGradient" and the Selection "

Open the Mask in PSP,

unpack the selection to the folder "My PSP Files > Selection"

Let's begin!
1. Open a tube of your choice.
Duplicate 2x with Shift+D and close the original.
Minimize one of the copies for later use.

Choose three colors from the image with the Color picker.
search a light, a middle and a darker color


2. Make a new gradient with these colors.
HERE you can learn how to do it.

But if you are already familiar with making a gradient like this
you can just add the color values
as indicated below in the table:



middle color


darker color


light color


darker color


middle color

3. Change the foreground color to gradient
with these settings:
Angle - 180
Repeats - 0
Invert - unchecked

Style - Radial

Open a new transparent canvas, size 500 x 500 pixels.
Fill with the gradient.

4. Now we will do the filter effects :)
Effects - Plugins - VM Distortion - Radiator II

5. Next filter.
Effects - Plugins - I.C.NET Software's Filters Unlimited:
Distortion Filters - Smelter 1.

6. Effects - Plugins - VM Natural - Speed:

7. Open your tube and resize to 480 pixels in height.
Edit - Copy.
Back to your canvas.
Edit - Paste as new layer onto the canvas.
Use the Mover tool to drag the image to the bottom right


8. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow:
-2 / -2 / 70 / 10.00 / color black.

It should look like this now.

9. Activate the bottom Layer in the Layer Palette

Layers - New Raster layer.
Adjust - Load/ Save Mask - Load Mask From Disk.
Find the 'CL9_feelgood1'- mask and apply with these settings:

Fill the selection with a color you like

i use a silverpattern

10. This is now my Image

Selections > Deselect

Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel:


11. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow:
-2 / -2 / 70 / 10.00 / color black.

12. You can add more decorations to the image if you want to.
Angela activated the raster 1 layer and added some stars.

Effects - Plugins - VM Natural - Sparkle:

13. Now we can add some text.
Apply some text in a color and font of your choice.
Apply a drop shadow:
-1 / -1 / 70 / 5.00 / color black.

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen.

14. Image - Add borders:
5 pixels - in a color that is not in the image.
Select the border with the Magic Wand:
Feather 0 / Anti-alias / RGB value / Tolerance 0 / Contiguous / Add(Shift)/ Inside

Fill the selection with color, pattern or gradient.
The silver pattern was used in the tag example.

15. Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel -
with the same settings as in step 10.
Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow:
-2 / -2 / 80 / 8.00 / color black

Repeat the drop shadow with V & H on 2.

16. Selections - Select None.
Add your watermark
and your tag is done !
Save as a jpg.

You can make a background for the image
so that it can be used as Incredimail stationery.

Background for stationery


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otherwise i can't post it


This Tutorial was translate by Maggie

She have closed her Page


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