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Alan Ayers ~ http://www.alanayers.com

Tubed by Sabi ~ www.sabis-tuben.de

Flower Uli

Paint Shop Pro
The tutorial was written for PSP 9.
A landscape image or tube
a couple image
text brushes
and a flower tube.
All the images used in the tag example was
Alan Ayers

The Flowertube was from my Chatfriend Uli > Thank you very much for it *Kiss


Mask: B_CircleGradient

open the mask in PSP

Have fun and good luck with the lesson! :)

1. Open all your images in PSP
and choose a fore- and background color with the
Color picker.
One light, one dark color.

2. Open a new transparent canvas, size 550 x 450 pixels.

3. Activate the Floodfill Tool
and change the settings to:

Blend Mode - Normal / Match mode - None / Opacity 100

Fill the new canvas with your dark color

4. Activate your landscape image
Make the watermark layer invisible if present.
Make sure only the image layer is left.

Duplicate the image and fill it with your light color

5. Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image:
Find the landscape image's name in the drop-down menu and
apply as mask with these settings below:

6. Layers - Merge - Merge Group


7. Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image:
Find the B_CircleGradient in the drop-down menu and
apply as mask with these settings below:



Layers - Merge - Merge Group


8. Edit - Copy


Aktivate the Image with the dark filling

Edit - Paste - Paste as new layer

Drag it in a position of your choice
My image look like this now:

9. Minimize this canvas to the bottom taskbar for now.
We are going to prepare the other tubes now.

10. Activate the couple-tube now.
Duplicate with Shift+D and close the original.
Remove the watermark layer.
Fill the transparent layer with the light color.
Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Search your couple tube in the dropdown

Repeat also step 7

11. Do the same with the flower tubes
as in step 9.

Search your Flowertube in the dropdown

12. Copy the couple- tube.

13. Activate your landscape canvas again.

14. Edit - Paste - Paste as new layer.
Resize to fit your canvas.
Drag it into position.
Bottom right in the tag example.

15. Activate the flower tube.
Copy and paste as a new layer onto your landscape canvas.
Move it into position as seen in the tag example.

16. Activate the Eraser tool ( X on your keyboard)
Change the settings to:

Erase the edges away if there are from masked layers
Make sure you are on the correct layer! :)


17. Activate and Copy your Couple Image

Edit it in our Image as new Layer and drag it on the left side

18. Layers - New Raster layer.
Activate your Brush tool and find yourself a nice text brush.
Change the foreground color to the light color.
Change the Brush settings to your own preferances.
Alternatively you can also type some text in with the Text tool of course.

19. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow

1 / 1 / 50 / 7.84 / color black,

20. Drag the Text on a nice place in the image.

21. Layers - Merge - Merge All.

22. Edit - Copy.

23. Image - Add Borders: 1 pixel / symmetric / light color.

24. Image - Add Borders: 1 pixel / symmetric / dark color.

25. Image - Add Borders: 1 pixel / symmetric / light color.
26. Image - Add Borders:20 pixels 'symmetric / in a color not present
in the image.

27. Select this border with the Magic Wand.

28. Edit - Paste Into Selection.

29. Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius 10


30. Effects - Texture Effects - Straw Wall.
Use your own color choice as color in the effect.

31. Selections - Promote Selection to Layer.
The selection is still active.

32. Layers - New Raster Layer

33. Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout:


34. Selections - Select None.

35. Activate the middle layer (the promoted selection layer)

36. Image - Mirror
Image - Flip.

37. Change the layer opacity to 50% in the Layers palette.


38. Repeat steps 23 to 25.


Congratulations - you're done ! :-)
Remember to add the
Copy from Artist and your watermark

 before you save it as a jpg.

I hope you had fun with the tutorial.


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 * I like to see your work *

Send your work to me and i will post it here

it must have a Copymark from the Artist!!!

otherwise i can't post it


This Tutorial was translate by Maggie

She have closed her Page


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