* Romantic Moments *


The tutorial was written for PSP 9 but can
also be done in other versions.

This graphic design is Angela's own.
Any similarity with other tutorials
is purely coincidental.

A. Repeat steps 1 to 5 of the
Romantic Moments - tutorial.

B. Activate the 'Dot Screen' layer in the Layers palette.
C. Activate the gold frame layer.
Layers - Merge - Merge Down.
Both frame layers will be merged now.
Lock this layer in the Layers palette.
Activate the pattern layer.
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Unlock the frame layer again.

D. Activate the Selection Tool - Rectangular.
Click on the "Custom Selection" option

in the top selection toolbar and change the values as follows:

Image - Crop to Selection
Image - Canvas Size:

E. Activate the Frame layer (it is currently a border :))
Layers - Duplicate.
Activate the Raster Deform Tool.
Change the 'Position x'- value to 18.00:

Layers - Arrange - Move to Bottom.
Layers - Duplicate.
Image - Flip.


F. Layers - New Raster Layer.
Layers - Arrange - Move to Bottom.
Image - Canvas size:
(!! the width will depend on your screen resolution !!)

G. Fill this layer with the dark color.
Layers - New Raster Layer.
Fill this layer with the Texture
Change the Blend mode of this layer to "Soft Light"
in the Layers palette.
Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling:

H. Activate the second layer from the top in the Layers palette.
Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel:

Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling - same settings as before.
Layers - Merge - Merge All.

Add copymark from artists and your watermark, save as jpg
and you're done! :)

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This Tutorial was translate by Maggie

She have closed her Page


& Design by Angela

- 17.11.07 -