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Poser Render by Laguna Azul ~ http://poser.laguna-azul.at

Hintergrundgrafik © MDS ~ http://dieterundmarion-online.de

Rose © Rainbow Coffi ~ http://psp-playground.com

Decocorner © Pretty Ju ~ http://prettyju.site.voila.fr/index.html


This tutorial was written for Anika on her birthday.

Consider point 7 from Laguna Azul' s rules


The Poser under the column "EXTRAS" you may also use in your Creations,

only please these in NOT provided Tutorials to use.

Since I provided this extra for my Tutos and/or exclusive for other Tutorials.

Hope you understand.

Paint Shop Pro
Alien Skin > Xenofex 2

FM Tile Tools > Blend Emboss

Border Mania > Frame #2

Simple > Four Way Average

The "Hearts" for Animation

A tube of your choice, i used a poser tube

a landscape tube
a flower tube
A Deco

Have fun and good luck ! :)

1. Open your selected tube in PSP.
Duplicate the image wth Shift+D and close the original.

2. Use the Colorpicker to choose a dark and light
color from the image as fore- and background colors.

3. Open a new transparent canvas, size 550 x 450 pixels.
with the dark color.


4. Paste your Image as new Layer

Resize it fit to your Image

or move it if you like

I have the Image from MDS Mirror and Flip

then a little move to the right Side

the Blend Mode to "Luminance (Legacy)

and the Opacity to 50

5. Effects > Plugins > FM Tile Tools > Blend Emboss > Standard


6. Layers - Merge - Merge down.

7. Activate and copy the tube of your choice

8. Edit - Paste - Paste As New Layer.

Resize to fit onto your canvas if necessary.
('Resize all layers'= unchecked)
Move it into a position of your choice,
or do the same as in the tag example:

9. Activate and copy the Flower tube.
Back to canvas.
Edit - Paste - Paste as New Layer.
Resize it to fit into your design and position it where you like it.
Reduce the layer opacity to 50% in the Layers palette,
also depending on the tube you have used.
You can also change the Blend mode to 'Soft Light'.

Layers - Arrange - Move down

10. Activate and copy the corner image.
Paste it again as a new layer onto the canvas.
Position it where you like it.
It is in the bottom left corner in the tag example above.

11. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow:
-3 / 3 / 70 / 15.00 / color black.

12. Layers - Duplicate.
Image - Mirror.
Image - Flip
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

13. Edit - Copy.

14. Image - Add borders:
1 pixel - symmetric - black.

1 pixel - symmetric - your light color
1 pixel  - symmetric - your dark color
20 pixels - symmetric - white.

15. Activate the Magic Wand

with these settings:
Add(Shift) / Selection mode - RGB-value / Tolerance 0 / Contiguous / Anti-alias / Inside

Select the white border with the Magic Wand.
Your image should still be in the memory.
Edit - Paste - Paste Into Selection.
Keep Selected.

16. Effects - Plugins - Simple - 4 Way Average.
Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance.

Selections - Select None.
17. Effects - Filter Effects - Border Mania: frame #2.


18. Open the 'bg-hearts' image included in the zip.
Copy and paste as a new layer onto the canvas.
Rename this layer 'hearts' in the Layers palette.

19. Activate the Text Tool.
Select a nice font and write your text.
Drag it into position.

20. Right-click on the vector layer in the Layers palette
and convert it to raster layer.
Rename this layer 'Text' in the Layers palette.
Layers - Duplicate.
Activate the 'Text' layer.

21. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow:
5 / 6/ 60 / 3.00 / color black.

22. Activate the 'Hearts'- layer.
Layers - Arrange - Move to the top.
The Layers palette should look like this now:

The 'Hearts' layer should be active ( highlighted in blue)
Layers - Merge - Merge Down.

23. Add copymark from artists and your watermark and drag
this layer below the 'text' layer in the Layers palette.

24. Activate the 'Copy of Text' layer.

25. Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin Xenofex 2: Constellation:

26. Edit - Copy - All Layers

27. Open Animation Shop.
Edit - Paste - As New Animation

28. Back to PSP.
Edit - Undo (the constellation effect)

Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin Xenofex 2: Constellation:
Click on the button 'Random Seed'.

30. Edit - Copy.
Go to Animation Shop.
Edit - Paste - Behind Current Frame.


31. Back to PSP.
Edit - Undo again ( the Constellation effect)
Repeat steps 29 and 30.

32. Back to Animation Shop.

View - Animation.
The tag is finished!
File - Save as... gif.

I hope you had fun with the tutorial.

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